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She has two talons from each of her orange feet. She wears a white bib that reads " LET'S EAT. " in yellow bubble letters, outlined in purple and the bib is flecked with tricolored triangles in patterns of three, and what appear to be tiny stylized pizza slices.

Like all of the other animatronics Blanca la fiel viuda nalgona - maduro Freddy's, she has an out-of-place set of blocky teeth sticking up from her lower beak. Her endoskeleton teeth Blanca la fiel viuda nalgona - maduro also be seen within the back of her mouth, though these are only clearly visible in certain angles. The Cupcake is an object-like character from a tray carried by Chica with her left hand. It has pink-frosting with two large yellow eyes, a yellow-striped birthday candle with a vinyl candle-light, buck teeth, no wrapper, and, like other animatronicshas black eyelids.

The Cupcake will disappear when Chica is off the stage. It is unknown why, or how. The same Cupcake can be also seen inside the Office located at the top of one of the monitors from the right. Due to its appearance Blanca la fiel viuda nalgona - maduro does not affect gameplay, it has nothing to do with the player, nor attackingjumpscaring them.

Like Bonnie and Freddy, Chica starts the night on the Show Stage. When she leaves the Show Stage, Chica may then go to the Kitchen, Restrooms, Dining Area, and East Hall. Her movements are somewhat random, but she always approaches from the right side.

The player can activate the Hall Lights to check if she's in the blind spot. As Chica gets closer to the Office, her jaw opens wider as she nears. Chica also seems to twitch wildly when she's at the East Hall Corner, though this only occurs on the fourth, fifth, and sixth night, as well as on the Custom Night.

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